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Ying YangEditor's

     Welcome to the 52nd issue of the Rapid Journal. You are now holding in your hands the FINAL issue. The journal began as a personal project to promote the martial arts, particularly, Chinese martial arts but later became an outlet for Filipino martial arts writers. I am happy with this progression because for the past decade the only source of written articles on Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) was those found in foreign publication. With the emergence of RAPID journal, it became an outlet for writers from the Philippines and other new writers of martial arts from other countries.
      Over the years, I have featured articles that were somewhat controversial but I have always maintained a standard in presenting articles that were written with proper documentation. The bias of the journal has always been historical since this is my area of interest. I personally feel that by featuring historical write-ups we can correct some of the myths and legends woven by many FMA masters. By presenting events from the past, I was hoping that we would be able to learn from the mistakes of the past and use these lessons to lay the groundwork for future propagation of FMA.
     I am not sure if I have been successful in this endeavor but I have witnessed the rise of quality write-ups from the submission of articles through the years. Hopefully this trend will continue.
     At this point, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the writers who have taken the time and effort to contribute to the journal in spite of the lack of monetary compensation.
     Special thanks to the writers for this final issue. Without them this issue would not have been possible. It is my wish that someone out there will be able to continue this effort of providing an outlet for would-be writers and researchers of FMA whether through the publication of a magazine or online. To all the readers who have faithfully followed the journal all these years – thank you. I believe there are many others who have not read or seen the journal; it will still be available through our website. Mabuhay ang FMA!

The following corrections are for the cover story Eskrima De Campo JDC-IO: Old School within a New System in issue Vol. 13 No. 4.

• On his birthday it should be September 18 (page 2).
• His wife's first name is Nena (page 2).
• Former teacher was GM Billy Catano Ba-aclo (page 3).
• The style taught by GM Ba-aclo was Sungkite de Abaniko (page 3).
• GM Billy Ba-aclo was a member of a military unit under Col. Fertig (page 3).
• On Kok Sut “national art” (Hokkien: Kuoshu – Mandarin) page 3.


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